The Mouse Knight


I picked this book up at Comicon 2008. I did not get to meet Mr. Hays, and I got the book for my 9 year-old son who loved it. I read it myself and found it well-written, well-illustrated, and enjoyable overall. I need to find the rest of the stories for my son. Thanks for making a wholesome story about small things come to life. Even though it says it is not for kids, I did not find anything terribly offensive in it. A great idea brought to paper. Look forward to the other stories.

—Alex Sinclair Keroupaige

It is rare in this day and age to find a “good read” for both one’s grandchildren, and one’s self. The Mouse Knight is one of these. A wonderful tale, and would make as good a movie as Ratatouille! I would like to see the rest of Mr. Hays’s books published as soon as possible.

—Barbara Collier

I burned through these books in a matter of days, even though Squibble's Story is substantial. Great characters, a meaningful story, and the illustrations alone are worth the price of admission. It won't be long before I return to these books to enjoy them again.

—L. Lawrence Bispo